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MORE THAN 20 YEARS AGO WE’VE CREATED OUR FIRST BATHTUBS AND SHOWER TRAYS... we believed that we would be able to create products which will not only be liked by our customers but will also serve them throughout the years ensuring comfort of use.


From the very beginning we have made all decisions based on these three rules: highest quality, thought out design and appealing price. The knowledge and experience gained over the years are our strength, the ability to recognise the needs of our clients and the latest production technology combined with materials of the highest European quality allow us to satisfy those needs with our exceptional products.

We strive to set new trends in design and arrangement of the “little kingdoms” that our bathrooms most definitely are. We believe that the large assortment of our products proves that our work is going in the right direction. We hope that Besco and PMD Piramida brands will be recognised by our customers as synonyms of security, comfort and satisfaction of use.

What distinguishes us?

Highest Polish quality

polski design

Besco is a 100% Polish manufacturer.

Professional Customer service

profesjonalna obsluga

Experienced staff and carefully selected business partners guarantee the highest level of customer service. In addition to that in the “Besco Partner” programme we offer our customers our door-to-door service. 

A comprehensive approach to the needs of our customers

satysfakcja klientow

Besco and PMD Piramida products combine a thought out design, exceptional aesthetic and amazing functionality. We aim to follow the latest trends in design and at the same time ensure the optimal comfort of use and the feeling of safety and security.
100% satisfaction – thanks to the combination of our latest production technologies, the use of highest quality materials, a large assortment of products, professional staff members and carefully selected business partners; we can guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction.

years of experience

studia besco

For the past 20 years we have been developing our company for our customers. We are aware that the production of the ideal bath is not just the modern shape but also optimal quality and performance parameters.

Optimal products' parameters

optymalne parametry

Ideally profiled shapes – tailored to ensure maximum comfort whilst bathing; the highest quality finish – giving the feeling of safety and security; thought out accessories – enhancing the comfort of use and appealing price which would not stretch the home budget.

the largest range of products

ambitne plany

Besco and PMD Piramida offer is perfect for virtually any bathtroom interior. Customers can choose from among dozens of models of bathtubs, in sizes from 100 cm to 190 cm, more than a dozen models of shower trays, some very practical shower screens, shower doors and shower enclosures and a wide range of dedicated accessories.
Exhibitions - to make sure that our customers have the opportunity to personally see and check our products we are continually working on exposures of our bathtubs, shower trays, shower screens, doors and shower enclosures in all the best points of sale both in Poland and abroad.

modern technology

nowoczesne technologie

The production process is based on the latest technology; this guarantees the highest quality products. The technology used includes thermoforming, mineral moulds and sanitary composites. In addition to that we use the Besco BeSafe and ProClean coating.


ambitne plany

The satisfaction of our customers is of paramount importance. The combination of our experienced specialists, latest technologies and the use of only the highest quality materials allows us to guarantee the reliability of our products; this is backed up by the 10 year warranty on baths and shower trays. 

prestigious awards


Besco branded bathtubs have already won 5 awards at the prestigious sanitary "Bathroom - Choice of the Year" contest, icluding the most significant prize in 2015, granted by our Consumers who have decided that freestanding bathtub Victoria is a product of the year 2015 for bathrooms! These awards confirm on one hand, the highest quality of products offered by our company, and on the other hand recognition, which the brand enjoys among the most important industry experts and final Customers.

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