Besco – designed & made in Poland

We are the trend leaders in bathroom design and arrangement with our customers' comfort and safety always being our number one priority. Besco products are a blend of highest quality craftsmanship, modern design and optimal parameters.

of experience

For the past 20 years we have been developing our company for our customers. We are aware that the production of the ideal bath is not just the modern shape but also optimal quality and performance parameters.

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Polish quality 

Besco is a 100% Polish manufacturer. Production processes are based on modern technologies, that ensure highest quality of our products. Our technologies are: termoforming, mineral cast and sanitary composites. 

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BescoMania 2019/2020

Nowa BescoMania już jest! 

Znajdziecie w niej wszystkie nowości, które pojawią się w regularnej sprzedaży od stycznia 2020r.

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